March 24, 2010

Virgin Spacecraft Test Flight

Richard Branson's Virgin empire is about to beak a barrier never before broken, as it gets ready to offer commercial flights into space!

The Virgin spacecraft, which will cater to very privileged and affluent travelers, has now been successfully tested.

The ship owned and developed privately by Branson and his partners is calle SpaceShipOne.

It was proven to be able to crack the space barrier in a 90 minute flight last june, going 400 feet past what is considered the boundary of outer space.

Branson said: "Virgin has been in talks with Paul Allen and Burt throughout this year and in the early hours of Saturday signed a historical deal to license SpaceShipOne's technology to build the world's first private spaceship to go into commercial operating service."

The flights won't be cheap, clocking in initially at over $200,000, but Branson also says "Virgin Galactic will be run as a business, but a business with the sole purpose of making space travel more and more affordable."

Virgin Spacecraft Test Flight

British entrepreneur Richard Branson said Monday that his company plans to launch commercial space flights over the next few years. Branson's Virgin transport, entertainment and communications group has signed an agreement with pioneering aviation designer Burt Rutan to build an aircraft based on Rutan's SpaceShipOne vessel, Branson said...

Virgin Spacecraft Test Flight

Posted at March 24, 2010 2:53 AM