April 21, 2010

Cameron Douglas Jail Rap

The son of Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas, is facing five years in jail for drug charges. He was sentences today, as the judge gave him 60 months, and gave a tongue lashing to Cameron's family

Cameron Douglas was charged with dealing crystal meth from inside New York's Gansevoort Hotel, and was facing up to ten years. Douglas's lawyers were pushing for him to only get probation and treatment, and asking that it be considered that he has his own addiction to heroin. Said Cameron Douglas ""I want to take the right path ... I feel like it's my duty. I apologize to my family and my loved ones for putting them through this nightmare of my making"

But the judge was not persuaded by his or the family's pleas and sentenced him to 5 years in prison. Hopefully some sort of rehab or treatment for addiction will be available to him while he is in jail, but either way it is sure to be a tough road for him. Sad situation for the Douglas family, but can't necessarily say it is an unfair sentencing.

Cameron Douglas Jail Rap

A judge sentenced Cameron Douglas to five years in prison Tuesday - and gave his family a scolding. As a stone-faced Michael Douglas looked on from the second row, Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Berman said the pleas for leniency he received made too many excuses for the drug-dealing junkie. "Get beyond and get over that idea ... that Cameron Douglas is a victim," Berman said. Relatives including his dad, Michael Douglas; his grandpa Kirk Douglas, and his stepmom, Catherine Zeta-Jones, had sent letters to Berman, pushing for rehab instead of jail for the 31-year-old.

Cameron Douglas Jail Rap

Posted at April 21, 2010 3:10 AM