April 5, 2010

Heads in Medical Waste Found

A gruesome discovery in Kansas, where midcal officials found numerous human body parts, the capper of which was 6 human heads, in a truck located at a medical waste company.

The human remains were found in the large tubs usually used to dispose of medial waste. This is not usually what medical waste entails though.

According to sources interviewed, "Everybody uses Stericycle in the medical field, I guess what happened, they linked it coming out of this area. But it could have come from Texas, El Paso. "They're not supposed to be sending bodies here. They're supposed to be cremating them, putting them in urns and giving them to the family... Who knows if the families were fully informed ... and if they gave permission ... and if all the paperwork is in order, then it may seem weird, but it's better than dumping them in the regular trash."

Heads in Medical Waste Found

Officials in Kansas have been trying to identify several body parts, including six heads, found in a truck at a medical waste company. The body parts were found last week in 12 large red plastic tubs inside a delivery truck at Stericycle Inc., a company that disposes of medical waste. The tubs each had shipping labels saying they came from The Learning Center, which is affiliated with a New Mexico company, Bio Care. Bio Care, according to its Web site, is also referred to as Bio Care Southwest, and distributes bodies for medical research and education...

Heads in Medical Waste Found

Posted at April 5, 2010 5:00 AM