April 5, 2010

Heidi Montag Tricked

After US magazine proclaimed that Heidi Montag was "tricked" by Spencer, Heidi reclaimed that label for herself, sporting a t-shirt that says "I Got Tricked" on the front in big orange letters.

According to a source quoted: "'Spencer used to brag about how he wanted to be famous and he'd do it by becoming an It couple with Heidi,' 'He'd sell his own mother for fame.'"

Spencer and Heidi are both famous as "cast members", if that's the right label, from MTV's The Hills. Heidi has been all over the news recently for her extreme choices in cosmetic surgery, getting an insane amount of surgical procedures done all at once. And Spencer looked equally crazy when he was trying to rap.

Heidi Montag Tricked

Smart marketing or sellouts Limelight lover Heidi Montag proudly plays up this week's Us Weekly cover feature "How Spencer Tricked Heidi" by wearing an "I Got Tricked" t-shirt while out and about in Los Angeles on Thursday. Is fiance Spencer Pratt's larger-than-life personality all an act? Us Weekly says, "Some who were once close to him paint a picture of an attention-craving Svengali who has been alienating his friends and using his own fiancee to boost his profile.

Heidi Montag Tricked

Posted at April 5, 2010 3:58 AM