April 12, 2010

Kanye "The Cleveland Show" Cameo

Yes the rumors are true, Kanye West is appearing in cartoon form on "The Cleveland Show".

The rap & pop star will provide the voice of a little known local rapper named Kenny West, presumably loosely based on Kanye himself. I'd expect lots of jokes at Kanye's expense, making fun of his pomposity and his many other peculiarities.

The producers of the Cleveland Show say they had been hoping for a while to get Kanye on, and knew he would be interested: "We knew Kanye was a big 'Family Guy' fan because he invited [creator] Seth [MacFarlane] to his house a year or two ago, and there was a mention on his blog when the spin-off was announced that he was excited about it. We knew he was a big fan and a lot of us are fans of his."

"We just recorded him in the booth and he was fantastic." Said another staff member. "Once he read it a couple times through, he just owned the character, which I guess isn't hard since he was named Kenny West. He said he'd be glad to [be back.]. I said we could write him in to the next 21 episodes!" No word yet on whether any gay fish will be involved.

Kanye "The Cleveland Show" Cameo

Kanye's definitely a character, but is a career in animation in the rap star's future? Grammy-winning hip-hop star Kanye West will voice a character named Kenny West, a small-time rapper, on an episode of The Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show, scheduled to air in the Spring of 2010. "It was surprising to us that [he] was so into it that he came to the table [read], and wonderfully surprising how cool he was, how funny he was and how unassuming he was," Mike told PEOPLE on Tuesday. "He's just a great presence."

Kanye "The Cleveland Show" Cameo

Posted at April 12, 2010 3:52 AM