May 17, 2010

Celery: Vegetable Viagra?

Is celery nature's answer to Viagra? That's the claim in a new book that says the vegetable adds pheromones to a man's perspiration, making him more attractive to the opposite sex.

According to the doctors behind the book, Celery contains high amounts of a chemical called androstenone, a steroid that appears naturally in men's bodies and increases pheromone secretion in sweat.

So technically celery wouldn't be a substitute for Viagra since that's not what Viagra does, Viagra, along with Cialis and Levitra, are prescription drugs that address erectile dysfunction, it doesn't make men more attractive per se. It just makes it possible for men to take advantage of whatever attractiveness they already have. So that analogy doesn't quite add up but still interesting news about celery!

Said oen of the doctors: ""We recommend that a guy work out, have a nice warm shower, chomp on a few sticks of celery, brush his teeth, and then head out the door smelling good," That's good healthy advice whether you need pheromones or not.

Celery: Vegetable Viagra?

Want to attract women? Forget pick-up lines, just pick up some celery. The authors of a new health book called "Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health" claim that eating celery boosts the pheromone levels in a man's sweat, making him more appealing to the fairer sex. Co-authors Dr. Judy Garman, Dr. Walter Gaman and Dr. Mark Anderson are calling celery "vegetable Viagra." Celery contains androstenone, a naturally occurring steroid, which increases pheromone secretion, according to the doctors.

Celery: Vegetable Viagra?

Posted at May 17, 2010 2:16 AM