May 16, 2010

Sean Penn: anger management classes!

In a move that seems about as futile as sending Snoop Dogg to drug rehab for smoking, Sean Penn is reportedly being sent to take anger management classes, after one issue too many with his notorious temper.

The great actor and also great humanitarian and activist, much as some may disagree with his stances, will be going to a mental health facility for therapy and anger management, in addition to being sentenced to community service. All of this based on an incident where he spit at a photographer last year. Which doesn't even seem like it should be illegal.

Penn will be able to use his community service time in the service of his own Haiti charitym, so no great loss there for him. No word on whether he will have to wear one of those orange jumpsuits when he goes to his office.

Sean Penn: anger management classes!

Sean Penn has been ordered to undertake anger management counselling. The 49-year-old actor was not in court Wednesday to hear a judge rule he must undergo 36 hours of therapy, perform 300 hours of community service and be placed on probation for three years after he pleaded no contest to vandalism following a spat with a photographer last year. The 'Milk' star has been permitted to complete his community service working for his Haiti charity.

Sean Penn: anger management classes!

Posted at May 16, 2010 2:19 AM