May 15, 2010

Kendra and Hank (VIDEO)

This sex video of Kendra Wilkinson is making big news this week, but is it also breaking up her marriage to star pro athlete Hank Baskett?

A sex tape showing a younger Kendra with her boyfriend back in 2005 was set to be released by the prominent adult video company Vivid, but Kendra is trying to block that sale. Another development though, was the revelation that Kendra herself was also trying to sell her own sex tapes, and had started a company of her own to promote them, according to the radaronline website.

All of the sex tape drama has reportedly put her marriage with Hank Baskett on the rocks, though there is no official confirmation of a split. Baskett is well known as an NFL football player, and Kendra of course is a famous Playboy playmate and one-time star of Playboy's reality show on cable tv.

Kendra and Hank (VIDEO)

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are about to split, because of Kendra's sex tapes. Apparently the sex tapes were made in 2005, with Kendra's boyfriend who was some one other than her current husband - Hank. Kendra tried her best to block the Vivid Entertainment from showcasing the sex-tapes to the public. However this is not the end of the tale, because RadarOnline discovered that Kendra was herself trying to sell her own sex tapes. She had floated a company called 'Home Run Productions LLC', and its representatives used to try to sell the sex tapes to various media houses. And Kendra was smart enough to keep her name out of the circus, but she was eventually caught in the act.

Kendra and Hank (VIDEO)

Posted at May 15, 2010 2:05 AM