July 17, 2009

2009's Emmy Snubs & Surprises

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The 2009 Emmy Nominations just came out, and as usual there's lots of debate and controversy as TV fans talk about the newest Emmy snubs and surprises.

One Emmy choice that has everyone talking is the surprise nomination of Family Guy as one of the best comedies, an honor that hasn't been given any cartoon TV show since the Flintstones (according to what I read on the internet). Many feel that The Simpsons should have gotten this honor instead, and Family Guy is too much of a silly and derivative show, even though it is very funny.

Another choice that people are mad about it the 2009 Emmy snub of The Shield! This is a surprise because this gritty cop show is considered one of the best ever, and in its last season many were sure it would get honored, especially for it's lead actor's great performances. But this shouldn't be a surprise after the Emmy people made many snubs of The Wire, another great cop and crime show.

But the greatest Emmy snub and Surprise of all: Why did the Emmy's not give a nomination to othat talking baby from the E-Trade commercials? That guy is the greatest TV pioneer of all time.

2009 Emmy Snubs & Surprises

Now that the excitement has died down, I've been scouring the complete list of 2009 Emmy nominations. Here's a few observations... Why bother with the Outstanding Mini-Series category? There were only two nominees worthy of a nomination. Exactly how many mini-series are even produced anymore? This is an outmoded TV format. Kill the category. What's going on with the writers? 30 Rock dominates the comedy category and Mad Men dominates the drama category. I call for limitations; only two episodes per series...

2009 Emmy Snubs & Surprises

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