July 6, 2009

Lance Armstrong Twitter Scandal!!

Looks like Lance Armstrong revealed more than he should have, in some of his Twitter tweets!

Lance Armstrong Twitter Scandal!!

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong, happy with the results of his workout, tried to share a couple of videos of his ride with his 700,000 Lance Armstrong Twitter followers -- people who have \signed up to get Lance Armstrong's periodic (and often very personal) twitter updates.

But after posting two messages with links to his cycling videos, Armstrong realized two things: the cycling videos weren't working, and when his followers followed the links, they found Lance's personal e-mail address (jp@livestrong.org) listed in an error message.

After realizing the Lance Armstrong Twitter problem he had started, he then sent out this tweet: "doh. videos don't work and my email address just went out to 700k of y'all. ha!"

Apparently, it didn't take much prodding for many of those fans to begin inundating LAcne Armstrong's twitter and email with messages. "i'd love to respond to all of these emails coming in but there's no way!!" Lance soon posted...

About an hour later, Lance Armstrong sent this out on twitter: "That was the most interesting hour I've had since I started tweeting. Classic." But there was one question that apparently many of Lance's followers were asking him. What did the "JP" stand for in his e-mail address?

It stands for Juan Pelota, the name of Lance Armstong's Bike Shop in Austin Texas, where he sells his elite cycling gear and top cycles.

Lance Armstrong Twitter Scandal!!

Posted at July 6, 2009 3:51 AM

Lance's bike shop is named "Mellow Johnny’s" and it has a great little coffee shop inside of it. The coffee shop is called Juan Pelota Cafe.

Posted by: Jason at July 10, 2009 11:09 AM

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