July 17, 2009

Obama in Mom Jeans?? (VIDEO)

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Below is the video of President Barack Obama supposedly wearing "mom jeans" at the All Star Game. So glad we don't have any serious issues to worry about, and have enough free time to report the president's fashion choices as news!

But then again I guess we should be proud that our first Black president is getting treated just like every other president, insulted and mocked for all the most ridiculous reasons like his choices in clothes, that have nothing to do with economics or taxes or health care or medical insurance or terrorism or safety or education or... you get the picture.

Obama in Mom Jeans?? (VIDEO)

Who won the All-Star game? Who cares! All people want to talk about are the “mom jeans” Obama wore when he threw out the first pitch of the game. I’m debating whether or not they’re mom jeans, but they’re definitely straight out of 1995. Perhaps Obama could take down the hem at the bottom?

Obama in Mom Jeans?? (VIDEO)

Posted at July 17, 2009 7:25 AM

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