December 7, 2009

Beckham's Dresses Stolen: Posh Got Punked!

Victoria Beckham was the victim of a huge heist this weekend, as half a million dollars worth of her fancy couture dresses were stolen, on their way to the airport.

Posh Spice's high-fashion clothing line was on its way to Neiman Marcus in New York, to go on sale in the fancy department store there. But a team of criminals assaulted the van driver and made off with the dresses. Quite an ugly incident, and nothing to laugh at though the Beckhams may not be taken seriously too often. Hopefully the driver will make a full recovery and the dresses will be found. Seems pointless to steal these dresses, since whoever wore them would want people to know they are high-priced Beckham dresses, but now that'd mean they also know it's a stolen dress. How much is a fancy dress worth if you can't say who made it?

Beckham's Dresses Stolen: Posh Got Punked!

Robbers have stolen pop-star-turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham's couture dresses worth $630,000 from a delivery van. The couture dresses which were being transported to London's Heathrow Airport for shipment to the U.S., where they were due to go on sale at high-end New York City department store Neiman Marcus...

Beckham's Dresses Stolen: Posh Got Punked!

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