December 7, 2009

Hungarian Brothers: Homeless Billionaires!

Some news you have to see to believe. two Hungarian brothers, so poor they've been living in a cave, are now set to inherit $7 billion!

The brothers are in their 40s, and had heard their mother was from a wealthy family but had been estranged from her and thought nothing of this old story..until word suddenly reached them that a maternal grandmother had passed, and they are legally required to get part of her estate! Unlike in America, where estate planning attorneys and banking can help you set up your will however you want, in Hungary direct descendants are always supposed to get a cut no matter what.

So uhh hey guys, I'm part Hungarian myself. Any chance we could run a few blood tests? I think I'm seeing some family resemblances here.

Hungarian Brothers: Homeless Billionaires!
usa today

Two homeless Hungarian brothers who have been living in a cave and selling discarded junk for a living are in line to inherit almost $7 billion from a long-lost German grandmother's fortune, Britain's Telegraph reports. Their sister, who lives in America, will share in the inheritance...

Hungarian Brothers: Homeless Billionaires!

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