December 7, 2009

Queen & Paparazzi: At War!

Queen Elizabeth has had it up to here withj paparazzi, and is delivering an ultimatum: respect our boundaries, or else.

After years of being hounded by the British tabloid mongers, the Queen has lad down the law and ordered papers there not to run unauthorized photos of the royal family, especially taken without permission when they are at home or on their own property.

The royal family certainly does have responsibility to represent to the public as the face of the republic, so they canot expect total privacy, but it seems fair that they ask for some kind of boundaries to be respected. British tabloids are so notoriously voracious though, I'd be surprised if they don't find ways to circumvent the order and keep the royal celebrity photos coming.

Queen & Paparazzi: At War!

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has warned newspapers not to run unauthorized paparazzi photos of the royal family, Buckingham Palace said Sunday. The palace said a lawyer for the British monarch wrote to newspaper editors about six weeks ago telling them not to publish intrusive photos of the family at home...

Queen & Paparazzi: At War!

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