December 12, 2009

Labor Department Job Growth News: Good! (Sort Of)

The Labor Department has released new statistics abpout job growth in America, and the data shows good news for some professions and trades, and not so good for others.

If you want to be a health practitioner who works with patients as a home health care aide, you are in luck, as this job is on the upswing. Computer systems designers also have a good shot at employment right now, as the job market is looking good for them. Millions of new jobs are expected to open up in these fields.

Manufacturing or goods-producing jobs, though, have a more bleak outlook, as this sort of work continues to be pushed aside. Among other professions set to take a downswing are coal mining, auto manufacturing, and being a girlfriend of Tiger Woods. BOOM! I'll be here all week. See below for a more serious analysis by more qualified people.

Labor Department Job Growth News

Looking for a new profession? You might want to consider becoming a computer systems designer or home health care aide. Even with unemployment at 10%, some industries like professional service and health care will grow in the years ahead, according to a report released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

Labor Department Job Growth News

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