January 19, 2010

Airline's Cougar Ad

Controversy is afoot for a tv ad in New Zealand, that promotes an Airline by portraying "cougar" women who attack young men at night. The advertisement was attacked as offensive by groups that represent rape victims.

Critics said the ads attempt to basically portray sexual assault as comedic was in poor taste, and should not have been aired, and the ad campaign will be ending early now. The Airline's ad campaign was actually a competition, in which the winner got tickets to a rugby match. The term "cougar" has recently become popular as a description of older women who pursue younger men, now immortalized by the hit TV show "Cougar Town" and the recently held Miss Cougar beauty pageant.

One rape victims' advocate group said they "find it degrading and that it is encouraging potentially harmful behavior, so my question is why is our national carrier promoting sexually predatory behavior?"

Airline's Cougar Ad

An advert for an airline competition that portrays older, single women as "cougars" who prey on young men at night is to close on Monday after incurring the wrath of both male and female rape victims in New Zealand. "Cougar" has become a popular term for sexually aggressive older women on the hunt for younger men, with actress Courteney Cox recently starring in TV comedy "Cougar Town..."

Airline's Cougar Ad

Posted at January 19, 2010 12:37 PM