April 10, 2010

Bruno Tonioli: Kate Hate! (VIDEO)

Kate Gosselin may once have been America's darling as the mom of those 8 little tots on Jon & Kate Plus 8, but she is not winning so many hearts with her new role competing on Dancing With the Stars.

There have been many reports of fellow contestant and producers being unhappy with her personality and temper, and now the judges are speaking out about her bad dancing as well. Bruno Tonioli was on the George Lopez show this week and said watching Kate dance is like watching a "disaster movie."

And after the bad aftertaste left in many people's mouths after the Jon & Kate show ended so acrimoniously, it may be a tough road for Kate as time goes on.. one hopes she will find a little bit to do for the sake of the kids though.

Bruno Tonioli: Kate Hate!

Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli - wearing a glittery t-shirt and tight pants - continued his Gosselin-bashing on The George Lopez Show Wednesday night. In fact, he said she's "dreadful" and compares her to a "disaster movie." As for Pamela Anderson? "She's good." Warning: If you don't want to hear Bruno and George get a little risque talking about Bruno's pants and Pam's chest, stop watching after the first two minutes or so...

Bruno Tonioli: Kate Hate!

Posted at April 10, 2010 2:51 AM