April 24, 2010

Disneyland Bans Mother Princess

Disneyland is known as a magical world of make believe, but one mother was apparently not allowed to make believe too much, as she was banned from the theme park for dressing like a princess?

She was taking her daughter to Disneyland for her birthday, and bought a low priced princess dress to wear, and even got permission over the phone to wear it, but once she got there security said she couldn't go in that way because other kids might mistake her for one of the staff who dresses up.

"It was so humiliating being pulled aside by the security team. They said to me 'you can't get in here looking like that'. I was wearing a silly, puffy, sleeved wedding dress with a birthday badge and Mickey Mouse ears - I hardly looked like Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It was unbelievable because I had already got permission from somebody on the phone, but the guards said the children would think that I worked for them. They told me I couldn't go in until I'd changed into more suitable clothing. How on earth can they possibly say that I look too much like a princess?"

Surely some kind of compromise could have been made by the Disneyland staff so this family's vacation and birthday celebration wasn't ruined for such silly reasons?

Disneyland Bans Mother Princess

Natasha Narula, 35, had decided to wear the outfit as a special treat to celebrate her birthday. But as she waited to enter the theme park a security guard pulled her aside to order her to get changed into normal clothes. She was told her outfit could confuse children at Disneyland Paris, because she looked too much like a cartoon character. Instead she was forced to go back to her hotel with eight-year-old daughter Drew and change into the clothes she had been wearing the day before.

Disneyland Bans Mother Princess

Posted at April 24, 2010 5:08 AM