April 24, 2010

Body Found Under Sofa (PHOTO)

An elderly man, seen in the photo linked below, was hidden under his couch after he died, and was only recently discovered there an incredible ten years after he passed away.

The man, Dennis Pring, died ten years ago, but the man who shared the home with him was afraid of being evicted because Prind died, so instead of reporting his death, the other man hid Pring under the couch. And somehow this was not discovered for a full decade.

Said authorities, explaining this flagrant lapse, "I want to acknowledge that a more active intervention nine or 10 years ago, and a healthier dose of common sense, might have stopped Mr Pring lying undiscovered."

Body Found Under Sofa (PHOTO)

A body lay undiscovered under a sofa in a sheltered flat in Bristol for nearly 10 years, an inquest has heard. The dead man, Dennis Pring, had been living with city council tenant Alan Derrick, who has learning difficulties. The inquest heard Mr Derrick did not want to tell the authorities that Mr Pring, 73, had died because he was worried he would be evicted. The coroner recorded an open verdict into Mr Pring's death at the hearing in Flax Bourton, near Bristol... "New protocols have been put in place to support vulnerable people, and large numbers of our staff have been trained accordingly."

Body Found Under Sofa (PHOTO)

Posted at April 24, 2010 5:33 AM