April 12, 2010

Search for Nadia

A girl in Winter Springs who has been missing for three days continues to keep friends and supporters frantically searching, as America watches hoping for a break in the search for Nadia.

Nadia Bloom is an ll year old girl, who was last seen around her home, near wooded areas where it is believed she may have wandered off and gotten lost. Family says she had been reading books about exploring the wilderness, and may have gotten the idea to wander off alone.

Said the police chief of this missing children case, "It keeps me hopeful, and a lot of the searchers I've talked with are hopeful. Even though we understand the length and we understand the conditions, we need to maintain a positive outlook on it"

Search for Nadia

A missing child alert was issued on Monday for an 11-year-old Winter Springs girl who disappeared three days ago. Rescuers combed through wooded areas near Nadia Bloom's home in Winter Springs after her sister said she was recently reading a book about wilderness exploration. At a news conference on Monday, Winter Springs Police Department Chief Kevin Brunelle said the search so far has turned up nothing. No clothing, backpack, shoes or any other items have been recovered.

Search for Nadia

Posted at April 12, 2010 4:45 PM