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December 7, 2004

Rap / Hip-Hop Grammy Nominations

Is there anyone who didn't know ten months ago that Kanye would be sweeping these? As long as he keeps quiet and doesn't scare voters away with the ego. Odd that he's not in Record of the Year, but maybe they're saving a space to salute Brother Ray, or to make sure Urrsher doesn't get Color Purpled.

Never thought I'd complain about rappers getting too many nominations, but I'm saying, Latifah for "Best Jazz Vocal Album?" At least they didn't balance it out with a nod for Nellie Mckay's rapping. In fact she is nowhere to be seen, which is interesting..

Oh and congrats to Prince for the big 5, hope you take one home..


Posted by jsmooth995 at December 7, 2004 1:35 PM

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