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March 5, 2005

Mel Man Speaks on Game and 50 Cent

Dr. Dre's partner Mel Man posted on the dubcc.com forums with his perspective on Game and 50:

I can only imagine the amount of rumours and posts this topic has produced - I'm sorry for doin another one, but I thought you might want some perspective on the situation. Just as we were moving away from 50's album and really focusing on Busta's new joint this happens. I don't really know 50 or Game outside the studio and working environment so I'm not gonna pretend like I know what's really going on between them. I am not surprised that Game and 50 split from each other. I think we all knew the situation was coming to a head and I know Dre, Em and Jimmy were hoping for a peaceful solution and for Game to move off G-Unit as quietly as possible. However, 50 obviously didn't want a peaceful and quiet solution. It is real unfortunate that it happenned this way, but it did and it has to be handled INTERNALLY from here on out, not over the radio station. I don't really know what 50 was thinking. 50 talks about loyalty but to me one of the most unloyal things one can do is to air out FAMILY BUSINESS in public. 50 put Dre and Em in an unfair and difficult situation. This could have been handled in a positive way. Obviously 50 and Game's relationship had deteriorated to a point beyond repair. But it should have been settled as a family. Game could have been moved off G-Unit through internal discussions and monetary settlements could have been handled fairly. I will not take sides either way. I don't think anyone should take sides and please don't believe all the rumours and media reports. The media is jumping all over this and relying on false information to generate headlines and interest. Please refrain from making judgements too soon, cause you don't really know anything besides what you heard 50 say on the radio and that game is off g-unit. Besides that eveything else is rumours and innuendo.

What has been Dre's reaction to all of this? I won't speak for him but...

I know this has hurt him quite a bit, especially 50's way of handling the situation. I know Dre was getting more and more frustrated but was hoping things could be worked out internally and they could keep a strong business and music relationship. With 50 airing out his frustration with Dre on the radio it only made things worse. If 50 had a problem with Dre he should have talked to Dre about it in private. I know 50 has a lot of respect for Dre and vice versa, thats why I don't understand his approach. I know 50 was hoping Dre would produce a lot of The Massacre, but because 50 was so stubborn in releasing the album early in the year and sticking to his (50's) schedule Dre could only spend a small time on the album. Dre was focusing on Game's debut album whle 50 was prepping the massacre. Even when 50 was out here Dre had to focus on getting game ready. If 50 would have been able to wait until Game's album was mixed I think you would have heard a lot more Dre tracks on The Massacre. 50 tried to smother Game's release and only allow it 3 weeks to sell before releasing his album. Thankfully Jimmy and Dre got it pushed backed to March.

I really hope and pray that 50 finds some peace and gets his ego in check. The 50 I met when he was here for a week to work on GRODT is much different than the 50 I saw when he was out here to work on the Massacre and Game's album. The 50 I first met was humble, hungry, at ease and really fun and positive to work with. Dre had a great time working with him. Last year though 50 was a lot different. I don't think he is real happy. The dude is surrounded by bodyguards and a Army of personal secret service men at all times. It can't be fun needing protection every waking minute of the day. Deep down I think 50 is a good person, but right now he is confused and doesn't really listen to anyone, even his musical family. And he didn't think about the possible reprecussions of his words before he opened his mouth on the radio a few days ago. I do know that as soon as they could the big three got a hold of 50 and told him to shut up for once, cancel his appearances and come handle the situation privately with them. Dre and Em are really stuck in a tough situation and have been trying to put their minds together and figure out a positive solution to the problem.

What happens from here? I hope (and think) there is a positive solution out there for this problem. I don't think 50 and Game will have a relationship, but past that too much is upon the air to speculate or predict how it will turn out. All I ask is that people stop putting rumours out - let this situation be handled as a family. Let Dre, Em, 50 and Game have a chance to get together and try to work things out privately. Hopefully 50 heeds his gag order and puts his ego and frustration aside and listens to Dre and Em and handles things the right way. The only way this situation can be worked out is through face to face discussions with everyone working together like men and seeing if relationships can be repaired and solutions can be found. 50 (and Game too) have to learn that when it comes to family problems you can't put it out there in the media and disrespect family in public. That's a cowards way to handle things. Real men talk things out in private. I might sound like I'm mad at 50. I'm disappointed more than anything. I like the old 50 Cent and hope and pray he can make changes for the better. I don't want to see him or Game dead because of some bullshit. I don't want to see 50 go down this path. Dre always stresses that you can always turn any negative into a positive. Hopefully we can take this negative situation, learn and grow from it and turn this situation into a positive one.

I hope everyone takes care. PEACE.

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Posted by jsmooth995 at March 5, 2005 4:22 PM

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