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June 1, 2005

And America Out of New York

Back from the ever-tasty Montreal.. My circle of McGill-attending friends is mostly moving on this year, so this might be my last time up there for a while.. I'm gonna miss y'all! Peace to Anne, Amy, Neale, Jon, Jessica, Tomiwa and the rest of the crew (and of course Gramophone Sean whom I've got pegged as blogger most likely to become world famous author.)

No Poutine this time but I did test the bagels, and my fellow NY-ers, I think they've got us on that one. Impressive enough that I'll politely ignore the attempts at pizza. Also took a million graffiti pics, digitized and webbified when time permits. And got the following books at Cheap Thrills for a total of $30 Canadian:

"The Rise and Fall of a Proper Negro" by Leslie Alexander Lacy
"Harlem: the Making of a Ghetto" by Gilbert Osofsky
"Soul Sister" by Grace Halsell (a female "Black Like Me"!?)
"Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky: The Life of Jimi Hendrix" by David Henderson
"What To Listen For In Music" by Aaron Copland
"The Recording Angel: The Experience of Music from Aristotle to Zappa" by Evan Eisenberg

Plus the book I've been dying to read for the longest, "On the Real Side" by Mel Watkins. The prologue has already planted the seeds for about 5 new posts...


.. perhaps including one on this week's Big Blog Topic, which I'm just catching up on today. No time to jump in now, but I thought this previous colloquy covered all the bases. And I'll just mention.. no, let me not get started.

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