July 23, 2009

Michael Jackon Doctor's Office Gets Raided

Finally some justice might be found in this Michael Jackson case? The mysterious doctor, Conrad Murray, who was reportedly there at the scene when Michael Jackson died, is not being more seriously investigated, with a raid conducted on his offices in Texas.

Dr. Murray is suspected of unethical over-prescribing of various types of medicine and drugs to Michael Jackson, who reportedly had many doctors on call at all times to write bogus prescriptions and such. Deepak Chopra even described how when he first met Michael, Mike asked him if he could write some random prescription. Chopra said no, but when you have as much money as Michael Jackson did, there will always be some immoral doctor to say yes.

I'm glad to hear this doctor's office was raided, and whatever the facts are I hope this is a wake-up call to everyone in the profession that you can't get away with poisoning people for money, even if it's a part of Hollywood showbiz.

Michael Jackon Doctor's Office Gets Raided

Law officials yesterday raided the Houston offices of Dr Conrad Murray, photographing his computer hard drive and seizing 21 documents in their hunt for evidence. A law enforcement source yesterday told the Herald Sun that drug records were the focus of the raid.

Michael Jackon Doctor's Office Gets Raided

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