December 17, 2009

Sotomayor Controversy & Critics

Sonia Sotomayor is finally settling in to get on the job and start making history. The new Supreme Court term is now in full effect, and the first latina Supreme Court justice is ready to be in the thick of things.

As the new term starts on Monday Sotomayor and her 8 fellow robe wearers will be taking on a variety of contentious legal cases, sure to have lawyers and laymen alike on the edge of their seats. A majot case about gun control laws is expected to hit their laps soon, as well as a case about how long a suspect has to request an attorney...this business as usual comes after endless controversy and jabs from her critics before she took the job, but now that she's in the sailing has been smooth so far.

Sotomayor Controversy & Critics

Controversy is still surrounding newly appointed Judge Sotomayor and the "better than a white man" comment. It has led to Rush Limbaugh and many others calling her a racist. Wyatt Andrews reports....

Sotomayor Controversy & Critics

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