January 24, 2010

Stephen Stafford, Morehouse Genius

While most 13 year olds are studying the latest X-Box games, the amazingStephen Stafford is already fnishing his sophomore year at Morehouse. The child prodigy, who is barely into his teenage years, is already a top student at the historically Black college, studying pre-med, mathematics and computer science.

When asked about his ability to succeed so well outside the normal schooling for his age, Stephen says many kids his age could do far better than this system allows them to do. "I think that's a problem with a lot of kids in school. They have the same capacity for learning,but if they're not challenged, they will lose interest. Kids my age and younger, they have the most interest in school because they haven't lost their passion for it yet. Ninety-nine percent of kids start out liking school. But then when they don't get challenged enough, they will get bored."

This was definitely my school experience as well, and probably a lesson for many people in our educational system. But I also don't think young Stephen should underestimate the very special gifts he has, as an individual! He has already achieved quite a lot, and should be proud as he works to keep it going.

Stephen Stafford, Morehouse

While most of his peers slog through seventh grade, Stephen Stafford, 13, earns credits toward his pre-med, computer science and mathematics degrees at Morehouse College. The wide-smiling, fast-talking, classical piano-playing Lithonia resident has been labeled a "prodigy" (a term he doesn't really like), has spoken at Ebenezer Baptist Church, and has fielded private-sector job offers - which he politely declined. CL's interview with Stafford was cut short because he had to meet with Jermaine Dupri about filming a pilot TV show...

Stephen Stafford, Morehouse

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