March 27, 2010

Sandra Bullock Prenup Scoop!

Ah the perils of Hollywood romance.

As Sandra Bullock figures out what to do about her no-good cheating husband Jesse James, everyone has been wondering whether they have a prenup and what the arrangement is. Well details are starting to emerge about the pre-nuptial agreement signed by Bullock and Jesse James.

Bullock has moved out of their family home and is now probably transitioning to family court, as she lives with her other relatives in the meantime. Her husband has been busted for cheating with a tattoo model and generally suspicious character named Bombshell McGee, and also is rumored to have been overly familiar with his ex-wife, since marrying Sandra Bullock.

Now it seems likely they will need to revisit the prenup they signed five years agom, as they figure out how to end this marriage as painlessly as possible. But who knows, maybe they will try to stick it out! Whatever happens I hope Sandra comes out of it okay. Maybe Jesse will get some therapy and they will get family counseling together.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that hleps married couples sort out the financial consequences of ending their marriage. According to sources Sandra and Jesse did indeed have their lawyers draft up a prenup in 2005, and the agreement "keeps everything separate."

All married couples by definition enter an agreement under divorce law, but signing a prenup overrides the default divorce law in your state.

This way theoretically you and your family and your lawyers are spared a painful legal battle in the courts over your money, finances, and belongings, plus real estate.

In reality of course, a fight can always break out anyway. Best of luck to Sandra though in making this right!

Sandra Bullock Prenup Details
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If Sandra Bullock and Jesse James wind up getting a divorce, don't worry, the couple entered into a prenuptial agreement prior to their 2005 marriage! "They keep everything separate," an insider tells E!. "She has her money and he has his. They both wanted it that way."

Sandra Bullock Prenup Details

Posted at March 27, 2010 2:27 PM