April 26, 2010

Boy Buried in Feed Pile Dies

A tragic story in Claremont as a young boy who was buried under a feed pile dies before help arrives to get him out.

Andy Wheeler, an 11 year old boy, was on vacation and spending the day at his father's job, at the farm. He just happened to be riding his bicycle by the silage crib that held feed for the livestock at the farm, when it collapsed and buried him.

Farm workers immediately went to work frantically trying to rescue him from underneath the pile, but it took 20 minutes to free hi, and after several days in critical condition in the hospital the boy finally passed away yesterday.

"The boy was in a silage crib where there was a large pile of silage, and that overhang collapsed," said a representative. No one was working on it and no one saw what happened, Someone heard something, and that resulted in the relatively immediate action of starting to look for the boy."

Boy Buried in Feed Pile Dies

An 11-year-old boy has died from injuries suffered after a feed pile collapsed on top of him at a Claremont farm. Andy Wheeler had previously been listed in critical condition at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Police said it took as long as 20 minutes to find and free Wheeler from the feed pile after the accident Tuesday. Police said the boy was on vacation from Maple Avenue School, which is why he was hanging out at the MacGlaflin Farm, where his father works. He was riding his bike near a silage crib, where livestock feed is stored, police said.

Boy Buried in Feed Pile Dies

Posted at April 26, 2010 3:23 AM