April 13, 2010

Carhops on Roller Skates, Back!

The good old days we all fondly remember, and that Glenn Beck always cries about, are coming back in at least one way: the old school carhops on roller skates have returned!

Two top restaurant chains, Ruby's and Sonic, are bringing back that staking carhops waitresses to their chains that feature drive-in dining, so your burger fries and soda can come skating over to you at top speed.

"I call it burger and fries, with a little floor show," said one commentator. "If you're on a date, and someone can roller-skate up with your root beer, that's entertainment."

Including the rollerskating in a restaurant's repertoire can be costly, as it raises the insurance costs for a location substantially. But owners believe it's still worth for the extra style and entertainment value provided by the skating wait staff adding a little fun to everyone's meal.

Carhops on Roller Skates, Back!

Q: What's got eight wheels and fries?

A: A roller-skating carhop.

Carhops -- particularly skating ones -- are making a mini-comeback in the ultracompetitive world of fast-food dining. Call it a cultural backlash to the ultratechy, assembly-line world of fast food and drive-throughs that spit out orders faster than you can say, "Hold the pickles." As summer approaches, two chains, Sonic Drive-In and Ruby's Diner, are re-embracing roller-skating carhops whose jobs are as much to entertain experience-hungry customers as to roll out the grub...

Carhops on Roller Skates, Back!

Posted at April 13, 2010 9:00 AM