April 13, 2010

White Bread Heart Disease?

Are carbs twice as dangerous for women?

According to a new study by health and nutrition researchers, certain types of carbohydrates will make women more than twice as likely to develop heart disease. The carbs that are so bad for women, according to the report, are only carbs that have a high glycemic index, meaning they make the blood sugar level rise rapidly. This includes white rice and especially white bread.

The study found that men process carbs differently and thus do not face the same increased risk, though generally it is healthy for men to limit their intake of these foods as well.

But it is women especially who are said to need this health and nutrition advice, in order to avoid heart disease that could lead to angioplasty or bypass surgery. Women are encouraged to eat wheat or other whole-grain breads, quinoa, beans, low-fat milk abd, fruit. And sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. Quinoa is the bomb, by the way.

White Bread Heart Disease

Women who eat more white bread, white rice, pizza, and other carbohydrate-rich foods that cause blood sugar to spike are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease than women who eat less of those foods, a new study suggests. Men who eat lots of those carbohydrates -- which have what's known as a high glycemic index -- do not have the same increased risk, however, perhaps because their bodies process the carbs differently, the researchers found.

White Bread Heart Disease

Posted at April 13, 2010 8:00 AM