April 14, 2010

Hank Williams Pulitzer

The legendary Hank Williams got many awards and accolades during his tragically short career, and now after his passing he's gotten one more, that is rare for any musician.

The greatest country legend, perhaps, of all, received a special Pulitzer Prize lifetime achievement award, for his incredible contributions as a writer to country music and popular music in general.

Said a rep from the Country Hall of Fame, "His songs are master works. But there's a mystique about his character that still fascinates the people who have come after him. ... He was the romantic ideal of the hillbilly Shakespeare and his cultural legacy continues to grow."

Hank Williams died tragically at the young age of 29, but wrote and recorded music that changed the world in his few years on earth. He is remembered fondly as an inspiration by thousands of musicians, and so much music America loves might not exist without Hank WIlliams. So this prize is undoubtedly well deserved!

Hank Williams Pulitzer

Hank Williams, the country pioneer who is among the most influential singer-songwriters in music, was given a special Pulitzer Prize citation. The Pulitzer board awarded the late singer for his lifetime achievement, based on a confidential survey of experts in popular music. "I don't think any country artist cast a longer shadow than he does, both as a songwriter and a performer," Jay Orr, vice president of museum programs at the Country Music Hall of Fame, said Monday...

Hank Williams Pulitzer

Posted at April 14, 2010 2:15 AM