April 17, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Another New Hairdo (PHOTO)

Just when Jennifer Love Hewitt had finished making news with a new bob haircut, she has now switched up her hairdo again, sending the tabloids into a tizzy.

Hewitt's new hairdo replaces her short bob with a longer look aided by hair extensions. The short haircut had come right after Hewitt's breakup with longtime boyfriend Jamie Kennedy, Many took it as a post-breakup hairdo but Hewitt denied this.

Now though, Jennifer is back to her long luxurious locks, well, hers in the sense that she paid for them anyway. And about the old hairdo, she says: "I actually cut my hair before. It's just that I had to have long hair on the show, so I'd already done the haircut and we were just clipping in some pieces to keep it going. I just happened to finish filming and unveiled the haircut around the same time as the unveiling of the other news so now it's become my 'breakup haircut.'"

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the star of The Ghost Whisperer, and aklso stays in the celebrity gossip radar for her dating life and her weight and appearance, as so many actresses do thanks to our sexist society. She is one of those who seems to handle it well though! Best of luck to her.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Another New Hairdo

That was fast! Newly single Jennifer Love Hewitt ditched her bob for longer hair extensions while shopping in Beverly Hills Tuesday afternoon.The actress, 31, chopped off her hair last month after announcing her split from boyfriend (and Ghost Whisperer costar) Jamie Kennedy. Of her short, bouncy curls, Hewitt told UsMagazine.com, "I needed to feel lighter! We just finished season five of [Ghost Whisperer], and I was just ready for a change."She denied it was a post-breakup 'do.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Another New Hairdo

Posted at April 17, 2010 1:11 PM