April 14, 2010

Alexa Ray Joel Prell Ad (VIDEO)

Billy Joel's daughter Alexa Ray Joel is following in her dad's footsteps with some time of her own in the spotlight. But instead of making a record, Alexa Ray is making noise in her own shampoo commercial for Prell.

Or to be more precise, I guess you should say she's following in her mother's footsteps, as Prell beauty products were sold by the truckload by her supermodel mom Christie Brinkley.

In the ad Alexa Ray Joel describes the hair secrets her mom taught her, hinting at her family ties without saying them directly. Clever!

Alexa had previously followed in her parents' footsteps in other ways that are not as positive, being rushed to the hospital for a pill overdose, much like her father has often had problems. But hopefully both of them have gotten the therapy and treatment for addictio and depression that they, like millions of people, need to stay healthy. And we will see more of both of them for years to come. Upcoming ads are planned to feature Alexa Ray's music as well.

Alexa Ray Joel Prell Ad (VIDEO)

Alexa Ray Joel will get to show what she's learned from both of her parents when she becomes the new spokeswoman for Prell shampoo this year. Not only will she fill the same role her mother, Christie Brinkley, did for the company in 1986, but her music, influenced by her father, Billy Joel, for years, will serve as the campaign's soundtrack. "What's important for her is that this campaign showcases her as an artist, shows her as a singer-songwriter," said Claire Mercuri, Joel's spokeswoman.

Alexa Ray Joel Prell Ad (VIDEO)

Posted at April 14, 2010 3:46 AM