April 19, 2010

Nicholas Cage Pyramid Tomb! (PHOTO)

Nicholas Cage has always been known as a somewhat eccentric character, and now people will wonder about him even more, as news breaks that he just bought a giant pyramid to be his tomb when he one day passes away.

Cage bought a 9-foot pyramid shaped tomb in New Orleans, to be his final resting place in the cemetery there when he dies. When planning for your death and buying a burial plot, many experts recommend considering mausoleums for the option of above-ground burials, and also niches, or scattering gardens or cremation burial plots if you choose cremation. These choices are usually less expensive than the regular burial plots.

Nicholas Cage of course has no need to worry about money, so he must have some sort of fondness for pyramids. Perhaps because he made so much money off of them in his National Treasure films.

Nicholas Cage Pyramid Tomb! (PHOTO)

Nic Cage has purchased himself a fancy new pyramid to stay in -- but he doesn't plan on moving in .... until he's dead. TMZ has learned Cage recently had a 9-foot tall pyramid-shaped super-tomb built in a New Orleans cemetery -- with the expectation that it will be his final resting place. It's unclear why Cage chose a pyramid-shaped building -- but it's probably no coincidence that there happens to be a pyramid-shaped symbol on the poster for his classic film, "National Treasure."

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Nicholas Cage Pyramid Tomb! (PHOTO)

Posted at April 19, 2010 3:06 AM