April 18, 2010

Ricky Martin "My Skin Talks" Video

Ricky Martin is creating quite a stir with his new video "My Skin Talks", which promises to show the once top pop star in the nude.

Martin was once the biggest name in pop, for a brief stretch after his smash hit La Vida Loca. The new video, as seen below, does indeed show him nude, but not in a sensational or exploitative way. His body is seen with tattoos drawing themselves on it, in a very artistic and intriguing presentation.

Some say Ricky Martin is showing his newfound sense of freedom with "My Skin Talks", after coming out and confirming that he is a gay American. But who's to say, either way it's a pretty cool artistic statement.

Ricky Martin "My Skin Talks" Video

After finally revealing the truth about his sexuality Ricky Martin is clearly keen to start a fresh chapter in his life. And clearly empowered by his recent decision to live an openly gay life, in his first video since coming out , singer Ricky doesn't hold anything back. In a candid video promoting his comeback concert tour, he appears completely naked save for a few well-placed digital tattoos. The soft focus video features a minimalist soundtrack, and jerky camera work, which acts a metaphor for Ricky's reawakening.

Ricky Martin 'My Skin Talks'
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Ricky Martin "My Skin Talks" Video

Posted at April 18, 2010 2:49 AM