April 18, 2010

"The Situation" Unemployment Drama?

The Situation, star of MTV's smash realty TV hit Jersey Shore, apparently didn't have much faith in his own show, since he filed for unemployment after the end of the first season.

Mike Sorrentino aka the Situation filed for unemployment in his home state of New Jersey, in relation to his last job before the MTV show, working at a restaurant in Florida. Since then his show was renewed and he is gainfully employed for at least another year. And really if he has a decent talent agent he should be able to find work after that is over, he's got lots of personality compared to many other reality tv veterans.

As the economy continues to turn around, more employment opportunities will hopefully arise for others as well, even those who aren't randomly famous for no reason.

"The Situation" Unemployment Drama?

According to a document obtained by TMZ, The Sitch -- formally known as Mike Sorrentino -- filed for unemployment in New Jersey on October 25, 2009 ... "Jersey Shore" didn't premiere until December 3. New Jersey then sent a Request for Separation Information form to the restaurant in Florida where Mike was last employed ... to verify that he was really terminated. It's unclear if he actually received a check -- but seeing as how he's now pulling in a reported $10,000 an episode for Season 2, it appears his situation has greatly improved...

"The Situation" Unemployment Drama?

Posted at April 18, 2010 3:03 AM