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March 3, 2004

Another Victim of Dietetical Correctness

Good god, McDonalds is phasing out the super-size?? Shame on you for caving in to all these left-wing "nutrition" thugs, who have no respect for this country's core values of gluttony and obesity. The Hamburglar weeps.


In other news, Puffy tells his Broadway show "Don't worry if I read scripts.."


The Village Voice weighs in on the dark alliance between the Source and the US Army.


The Blueprint links to Michael Jackson's snazzy new website, which is probably good for hours of fun but I'll never know because the flash intro gave me a seizure.


Oh yeah and my Haiku was linked to by none other than the mighty Gawker. I guess all that sucking up I did last month paid off! Have I mentioned that I think Slashdot and Fark.com are also totally not racist?? *hint hint*

Posted by jsmooth995 at March 3, 2004 3:47 AM

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