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February 28, 2005

50 Cent Hot 97 Interview, Dissing Game (AUDIO)

If I may quote okayplayer.com:

It's official. Black History month is over, but Negroes obviously paid absolutely no attention. Y'all heard of Tupac, right? Biggie? If we learn nothing else from their lives and deaths, we should at least clearly understand that this game ain't worth dying over.

Just as I see the debut of The Game and 50's new video... I hear about some "he can't hang out with us no more" high school ish. It is what it is... egos, politics, whatever. Even if it's legit tension, you've gotta be responsible for how you handle it. Can you shut it down once the guns are drawn, or do you have to prove your rep until we all lose?

Peep your history. No one is safe until cats' mentalities grow up. This is the same bulls**t that kills kids in front of schools. The same s**t that's got fathers/brothers/uncles looking at 25 to life. We don't need radio stations putting everybody's side on blast, either. This ain't news, cuz we've seen it before. Let grown men work out their own differences behind closed doors, like they're supposed to. I'm pretty sure there's enough money for everybody. Just make your music and live your lives. Nobody needs the side drama.

Here is the audio of 50 Cent's interview on Hot 97 tonight with Funkmaster Flex. A shooting soon followed, outside hot 97's studio. All this occurs just as hip-hop activists are planning a protest against Hot 97's misrepresentation of hip-hop, in NY's Union Square this Friday.

People have said that this is nothing more than pro wrestling, and I can understand the cynicism. But as Owen Hart's family will tell you, even pro wrestling can turn real at a moment's notice, and become serious as cancer. Once necks get broken or bullets start flying, it doesn't much matter whether you started out with a script.

It is truly sad to see such bright and talented young men, with limitless opportunity in front of them, putting their lives in jeopardy over such trivial nonsense. I hope the hip-hop community will take every opportunity to speak out against our self destruction, and those who seek to profit from it:

Posted by jsmooth995 at February 28, 2005 11:00 PM

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