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November 11, 2005

Shooting at 50 Cent Movie.. Local Critic Says "Worst Hip-Hop Movie Ever"

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Man Killed at Opening Night of "Get Rich or Die Trying"

Gunfire in the Loews Waterfront movie theater killed a man Wednesday night, West Homestead police said...Police said nobody has come forward to identify a shooter, even though the building was busier than a usual weeknight, with the 50 Cent movie, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" debuting on two screens... The West Homestead police chief told Channel 4 Action News that the department put an officer on duty at the theater -- which is unusual for a weeknight -- due to the showing of the movie... The Waterfront theater pulled the movie until the investigation is complete, Channel 4 Action News reporter Sheldon Ingram said.

Local Movie Critic Discusses 50 Cent Movie

...Brentin Mock left the Loew's Movie Theatre with his 2-year-old son right before Shelton Flowers, 30, of Wilkinsburg, was shot in the thigh and chest at the Waterfront. Mock writes movie reviews for the Pittsburgh City Paper.

"As a person who's a defender of all things hip-hop, I think it's the worst hip-hop movie ever made," said Mock... "This movie comes out and completely reinforces all the stereotypes people had about hip-hop anyway," said Mock...

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