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November 10, 2005

Snoop Dogg Hot Dogs

Fill in your own joke:

Snoop Dogg Gets in the Hot Dog Business

Rapper and actor Snoop Dogg is involved in several business ventures including clothing, automobiles, and sneakers. Now the rapper is getting into the food business by launching his own line of foot-long hot dogs. The Boston Herald reports that the rapper has partnered with Platinum One Mediaís Franco Petrucci and Jeff Earp for Snoop Doggs. The hot dogs will be produced in Massachusetts and are scheduled to hit grocery stores in January.
Snoopís brother and manager Bing Worthington said, "There arenít any celebrity hot dogs out there. Whoís the competition ? Ball Park ?....Imagine a long, skinny hot dog just like Snoop."

Worthington added, "Snoop takes advantage of everything. This rap money isnít long. Just ask MC Hammer."

Posted by jsmooth995 at November 10, 2005 1:54 PM

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