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June 5, 2006

Wendy Williams, "Drama Is Her Middle Name"

Can't wait to pick this one up (and then put it back after reading the first page and hope nobody saw me with it).

I actually like Wendy and enjoy her show, jokes aside. I don't like everything she's got going on, but when I listen to Wendy I know there's always a real person underneath the scandalosity, who means everything she says and is speaking sincerely on topics she really cares about. So for me Wendy is a refreshing change from the hollow fake persona/pressing-buttons-just-to-press-buttons types that populate blogville these days.

Drama Is Her Middle Name: The Ritz Harper Chronicles Vol. 1
by Williams, Wendy, Hunter, Karen
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $10.95
Published: Harlem Moon, 2006
Inventory Status: Coming Soon -- Available for Pre-Order Now

Shock jock extraordinaire Wendy Williams lets loose with the first in a series of novels based on her alter ego, the divalicious radio DJ Ritz Harper. Ritz puts the "s" in shock and the "g" in gossip, and Drama is her middle name.

Ritz is a suburban girl on the outside, but inside she's a hustler's hustler who's masterfully maneuvered her way into the spotlight after ruining the career of a well-respected newswoman (and former college friend). Ritz's "exclusive" rockets her to the top of the ratings, and she's rewarded with her very own show. Like a talking Venus flytrap, she verbally seduces her on-air guests, only to have them for lunch as she spews gossip about their lives. Ritz becomes the darling of the station's afternoon slot. But what happens when Ritz goes from drive-time diva to drive-by victim? Has Ritz bad-mouthed the wrong person? Has her signature cat-and-mouse "bomb drop" been dropped on her instead?As Ritz lies crumpled on a city sidewalk, all she can think as she struggles to maintain consciousness is "Who did this to me? Who?

"Readers will salivate as they try to figure out where the fictional Ritz ends and the real-life Wendy begins. Wendy will involve her millions of listeners by asking them what should happen to Ritz, which will be revealed at the beginning of the next novel, scheduled to be published in fall of 2006 for Christmas.

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