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May 5, 2008

Hip-Hop in Yemen

From the Yemen Times.. they seem to be using "hip-hop" as a label for the dance element, and "rap" for the music:

Hip-hop comes Alive in Yemen

new art – Yemeni hip-hop – was celebrated at the French Cultural Institute in the second part of an ongoing hip-hop series featuring a rap performance by Yemeni-American artist Hagag AJ and a new work tailor-made by French choreographer Farid Berki for a group of young Yemeni dancers along with professional break dancers Ludo and Romu...

...Rapper Hagag AJ performed one of his songs prior to the dance portion of the show, while attendees clapped and shouted praises with gusto. The group of approximately 20 dancers spent a week training with Berki, who flew in from France especially for the event...

...Participating dancer Saif Al-Thamin, a 22-year-old Jordanian who lives in Sana’a, pointed out that although his family is conservative, they understand that hip-hop dancing is an acceptable pastime and gave their approval when he began doing it three years ago.

“They know hip-hop is like football, basketball or any other sport,” he said, “I do hip-hop as an amateur, benefiting from it by improving my physical fitness. I especially enjoy doing acrobatic movements and spinning on the ground.”

Dancer Ludo, whose real name is Brizolier Romuald, began in a similar way to many of the Yemeni youths who participated in the workshop. “I attended a hip-hop event when I was 15 as one of the audience and a year later, I actually started doing it,” he explained.

He praised Yemeni hip-hop dancers as interested, kind and focused, and believes the medium has a future here. “Although hip-hop is a worldwide dance, every country has its own particular style when dancing it,” he noted, adding, “Hip-hop doesn’t cancel out other cultures; on the contrary, it adds to them...”

...Berki likewise wants to ensure that the Yemeni dancers will get to practice and hone the lessons they learned during their week of rehearsals, commenting, “I hope they’ll have places to work because this culture – and for me, hip-hop is a culture – is a way to live, to respect others, to grow and give others what you know...

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