December 10, 2009

Steven K. Galson Said Santa Should Slim Down

One thing everyone knows as the holiday comes, is that Santa Claus is always coming, and he will always be jolly and fat. But a couple of years ago there was one man who did not believe this was the way Christmas should be.

That man, the Bush Administrations acting Surgeon General at the time, Steven K Galson, said Santa should think about slimming that jolly fat belly, to set a better example for all the kids that look up to him. He delievered the shocking indictment of St Nicholas during a presentation on obesity at Boston's Children's Museum. As of press time Santa Claus was unavailable for comment. Because he doesn't exist. Hello!

Steven K. Galson Said Santa Should Slim Down

America's top doc Steven K. Galson told the Herald yesterday that Santa Claus should slim down.. "It is really important that the people who kids look up to as role models are in good shape, eating well and getting exercise. It is absolutely critical," acting U.S. Surgeon General Rear Adm. Steven K. Galson said in an interview after a presentation on obesity at the Boston Children's Museum...

Steven K. Galson Said Santa Should Slim Down

Posted at December 10, 2009 3:59 AM

To appease the more learned individuals (like yourself) Steven should have told the kids,
"Santa doesn't, now wait a minute. Stop crying!
All I'm trying to say is, Santa isn't real, but we should at least start making all the images of Santa slimmer to promote a healthier body image of this iconic figure that kids look up to...

...Why are all the kids in the audience crying?"

Posted by: Anonymous at December 10, 2009 1:26 PM

Well all role models should think twice of what they do simply because they are role models... Atheletes should stop asking for more money, stop getting arrested for dog fighting, infidelity, and what ever else it is that doesnt coincide with being a role model...and not just atheletes but celebrities as well...if I were to have hit my kids mom believe you me, I'd be locked up no questions asked! Yeah, that's directed to chris brown... whom everyone seems to have forgotten hit a woman... society saddens me

Posted by: Anonymous at December 10, 2009 3:26 PM

Who cares! It's his opionion! Nobody cares about stupid stuff like that! More energy should be spent on things that mean something. This is not worth the bites it's saved it.

Posted by: Bubba Gump at December 18, 2009 10:38 AM

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