January 24, 2010

Adora Svitak Appearances: Amazing

Adora Svitak is a famous child prodigy of the literary world, who already published her first bestselling book, "Flying Fingers" at the age of 7! Since then Adora has worked regularly, teaching other kids and adults, and giving lectures as well as continuing to write professionally and successfully. Even though she's not old enough yet to be in junior high school. Do you feel like an underachiever yet?

Adora's parents say she started reading chapter books at three-and-a-half, and when she got a her first computer, a used Dell, in 2004, she immediately discovered a passion for words and creative writing. She now reads several books a day, as well as writing herself for hours on end, and she has a home studio that she uses to give video lectures for kids and adults all around the world. She has also been hired by Microsoft at times to help them demonstrate their new programs that relate to writing. She describes her life goals pretty humbly, aiming only to win a Nobel prize for both literature and peace. Don't want to put too much pressure on! I'm sure great things will be coming to her one way or another.

Adora Svitak Appearances

Adora Svitak is off to primary school with her mother. Today's lesson is about poetry and she's really looking forward to it. But 11-year-old Adora isn't a pupil... she's the teacher. Described as "a tiny literary giant", there is, it seems, no end to Adora's talents. She started teaching at seven and in the same year had her first book Flying Fingers (a collection of short stories which contains tips and hints for other aspiring writers) published internationally. Her second, Dancing Fingers was published last year and she's currently working on another four....

Adora Svitak Appearances

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