January 15, 2010

Carnival Says No Cougar Cruise

A popular cruise ship event designed for the older single women known as "cougars" has now been nixed by the Carnival Cruise line.

Last month a three night vacation holiday cruise that was promoted as catering to "cougars" set sail in mexico on a Carnival Cruise ship, and it was a big hit amont tourists looking for a romantic adventure of a trip. But when the organizers tried to book follow up Cougar Cruises, the Carnival company refused their requests. Carnival Cruise reps said they had nothing against the "Cougar Cruise" necessarily, but they have decided to stop this type of theme cruise arrangement in general.

The label "cougar" has been rather controversial, since some say it unfairly belittles older women who lie younger men, while men who like younger women are just considered normal. but the term has still become popular, and many different singles events for "cougars" have popped up in dating scenes in many cities in America.

Carnival Says No Cougar Cruise
ABC News

It looks like there will be no more love on the high seas for cougars, or at least on Carnival cruises. Last month, nearly 300 "cougars" -- older women who prefer young, virile men -- and their "cubs" sailed away on a three-night Mexican cruise out of California aboard the 2,052-passenger Carnival Elation. The event was promoted as the world's first cougar cruise...

Carnival Says No Cougar Cruise

Posted at January 15, 2010 5:46 AM