January 21, 2010

Dennis Hopper: Three Grown Children (PHOTO LINK)

Although he reportedly hasn't spoken to one of them in years, legendary actor Dennis Hopper has three grown children Marin, Henry and Ruthanna. As the Easy Rider legend enters the last stages of his battle with cancer, hopes are that he will be able to spend time with that family as much as possible.

Dennis Hopper recently revealed he has been fighting prostate cancer for 9 years now, and it was become very advanced recently. He made news by suddenly divorcing his wife whilein the hospital, but will hopefully still ahve other family near including his children. Two of his three grown children apparently live with Hopper and his current wife in the same compound, but the other is out of touch for the most part. He also has a young child of only 6 with his wife Victoria. For a photo of one of Hopper's son's see here. Dennis Hopper's prostate cancer may be in its last stages, but fans and family alike are sure to remember him for decades to come.

Dennis Hopper Three Grown Children

Dennis Hopper Three Grown Children

Posted at January 21, 2010 12:35 PM