January 22, 2010

Quitting Smoking: Double Cancer Survival?

You should already know that not smoking, or quitting smoking, before you get cancer reduces your risk of getting it. but now doctors are also saying that even after are already diagnosed with cancer, quitting smoking can be a crucial step towards extending your life.

Lung cancer is still a terrible disease either way, and the experts say only 7% of sufferers live more than 5 years with it. But out of those 7% this study shows that a vast majority are those who quite smoking after they were diagnosed. Interestingly, some doctors have traditionally not advised patients to quit smoking when they already have cancer and are going through cheotherapy or other treatment, saying it is a cruel burden to ask when they are already facing such a sad health situation. Personally I wouldn't want any more contact with the thing I now know was trying to kill me! But I suppose that's the nature of addiction.

This research was published in the BMJ, formerly known as British Medical Journal. The medical experts analyzed data from 10 previous studies that examined how long smokers survived, after they were diagnosed with lung cancer

Quitting Smoking: Double Cancer Survival?

People with early lung cancer who quit smoking could double their chances of surviving, a new study says. Until now, there has been little proof that quitting smoking after developing lung cancer makes any difference to survival. Lung cancer is the top cancer worldwide, and the prognosis is usually poor. Only about 7 percent of patients make it to five years, though about 20 percent of patients are diagnosed early enough to be treated...

Quitting Smoking: Double Cancer Survival?

Posted at January 22, 2010 10:39 AM