April 26, 2010

Jon Gosselin Child Support Drama

Join Gosselin is in the news yet again, as reports say he is falling behind on his child support payments to Kate Gosselin, and claims he is unable to get the money together without a new job or TV show to help him out.

Gosselin, who once starred with his wife Jon & Kate Plus 8, has now split with him in a widely publicized separation, and in the settlement owes $22,000 a month in child support. But he says he has no way to come up with that much money right now, and is hoping for a new TV deal somehow to help him make up the dough.

The Gosselin's family attorneys guided them through the separation in family court, coming to a settlement that would provide for their 8 kids. According to divorce law experts, men often think that alimony only comes in the form of a monthly payment, but "one-time" lump sum payments are also an option. Also, assets like savings, real estate, 401K plans, and pensions can also be tied in to alimony. so some divorce lawyers say it's better to "pay her off" all at once, rather than pay her monthly for years.

Jon Gosselin Child Support Drama

It is being reported that Jon Gosselin is looking for a job on television to help pay his child support bill. He owes Kate more than $22,000 in back payments, and because he is currently unemployed he has no way of payin it off. Speaking with TMZ.com, Gosselin says "I would like a job in some aspect of TV, probably as a host." "I just can't afford the $22,000 a month right now," Jon admitted. "That is why I'm trying to find a job." Jon also tweeted his frustration towards his lawyer who released a statement bashing Kate. "Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably," he tweeted.

Jon Gosselin Child Support Drama

Posted at April 26, 2010 4:00 AM