April 19, 2010

Medical Conmen: 21st Century Snake Oil, Stem Cell Style?

A new breed of medical conmen is spreading across the country, ripping off sick people by selling bogus medicine and medical procedures that are supposed to be therapies to cure diseases with stem cells.

The fake stem cell cures are being sold as treatment for cancer, multiple sclerosis and even autism and many other diseases and conditions.

Interviewed by CBS one salesman alleged to be selling fake cures said "We're the only ones who's been able to get any body that's down here back up to here, and they stay back up to here. If we were a major pharmaceutical drug company, you know, we'd be talking about all of our research associating getting Nobel Prizes in medicine and things of that nature,"

For more detail on what this man offers, and the critiques of such health offerings that promise dubious claims based on stem cells, see below.

Medical Conmen: 21st Century Snake Oil, Stem Cell Style?

Con men used to travel town to town hawking medical remedies said to be made of Chinese snakes. Snake oil was useless and dangerous. So the FDA was created to put a stop to it and other food and drug scams. But, today, quack medicine has never been bigger. In the 21st century, snake oil has been replaced by bogus therapies using stem cells. Stem cells may offer cures one day, but medical charlatans on the Internet are making outrageous claims that they can reverse the incurable, from autism to multiple sclerosis to every kind of cancer...

Medical Conmen: 21st Century Snake Oil, Stem Cell Style?

Posted at April 19, 2010 3:37 AM