April 19, 2010

Karl Rove Slams Fox News (VIDEO)

Karl Rove slamming reporters is nothing new, but this week was a little different, with a fiery segment where Rove slams his usual allies at Fox News for asking him some uncomfortable questions.

The Fox hosts asked Rove about an incident a few weeks ago when the always entertaining Code Pink activist group attempted to arrest Rove for war crimes, at an appearance on his book tour, in a bit of their trademark political theater.

Rove was apparently none too happy about this embarrassing episode, and would rather not be reminded of it, especially at Fox which is usually a safe space for someone like him.

Ranted Rove at his Fox brethren, "this is sad, you people are recycling stuff that happened three to four weeks ago, this is a small blemish on what was a great trip... Please don't paint this as much a sign of anything. These are sort of sad and pathetic people ... Can you imagine being some kind of nut wandering around with handcuffs? Let's not give them any more attention."

Karl Rove Slams Fox News

Fox News contributor Karl Rove directed some unfriendly fire at the hosts of "Fox and Friends" this weekend when the show's anchors decided to ask Rove to respond to protesters who disrupted the former top Bush adviser's book tour. The Code Pink protesters have proven to be a thorn in Rove's side at several stops on the tour to promote his book "Courage and Consequence." The same Code Pink protester who disrupted the Beverly Hills signing also showed up at a recent Rove event in Las Vegas...

Karl Rove Slams Fox News

Posted at April 19, 2010 3:29 AM